In a recent post on, the author, Jamie Wiebe, explains seven mistakes for homeowners to avoid when holding an open house over the holiday season. Make sure to do the following to ensure a successful winter open house!

  1. Clear the walking path to your house, including shoveling and putting down rock salt
  2. Have a “landing zone” upon entering the house – a place for jackets and scarves, provide shoe covers, etc.
  3. Keep the interior temperature set to a nice happy medium, around 68 degrees
  4. Entice people to come to your open house by providing seasonal treats, snacks, and hot chocolate, which families with children will love
  5. Avoid over-decorating, as not everyone celebrates the same holidays as you do
  6. Brighten the house up with well-placed lighting
  7. Watch the weather forecast and reschedule if necessary

Winter can be an excellent time to sell your home, as many homeowners are waiting until after the rush of the holidays to list – this means there is far less inventory on the market for buyers so your home will stand out. Follow these seven suggestions, and your home will be sold in no time.

See full article from Realtor.comĀ here.

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